House of Daniel Fashions Academy continued its fundraising efforts on behalf of children of Uganda, with a fashion show on November 11, featuring the debut of student graduate Milly Neor. Neor who began her fashion course with the Academy in March of this year, made an impressive display with her first style line, “Fusion 14” ; a collection of 14 pieces including casual wear, street wear and athletic clothing.

Neor’s collection showed a mature understanding of the aesthetic, while also being fashion forward and conscious of current trends. Her clothes looked contemporary, fresh and ready to wear.

Neor who is originally Liberian, says prior to joining the Academy she had little to no experience sewing, ” I had made one or two little things for my daughter but even though I owned a machine, I didn’t really like using it. I thought sewing was hard and complicated.” 

During the last 8 months, Neor and other students have learned through the Academy’s fashion courses  both theory and practical experience in sewing, pattern making with technical knowledge, and fashion design. Neor is looking towards producing her designs on a larger scale for retail.

House of Daniel Fashions Academy founded in 2016 by Osariemen “Princess” Ehimwenma. She says the Academy trains student designers at both beginner and advanced levels, through 6 month or 12 month courses, “Our aim is to make the process from concept to creation easier for those looking to build their own name in fashion.

It teaches students the simplest way to bring their vision to fruition through these basic steps: Concept Drawing Pattern Cutting Sewing Finishing Passion for Fashion We specialize in pattern making and sewing.”  Ehimwenma adds that through her House of Daniel Foundation, named for her son, she has been contributing practical support to children in north Uganda who are suffering from the ravages of war, “We supply school fees, clothing and food to the children in Lira,Uganda with proceeds of the fashion shows.”

Fashion designs by Osariemen “Princess” Ehimwenma

Her efforts were praised by the show’s host, writer and public speaker Belinda Kamshuka Barrocks who is also from Uganda and suffered through the devastating effects of war on that nation. The House of Daniel Academy fashion event also featured evening wear designs by Ehimwenma herself wrapping up the show with a sense of elegance and sophistication.

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