Never in our history has the truth been so bluntly put before us in layman’s terms so that we may so easily decipher the intent of men.

Let us see the words of the leader of our government whose job is to Improve the lives of the people in which he governs.  When a leader utters words like the one who governs this beautiful Commonwealth we must not be afraid to ask questions. Let us ignore the facts that his agenda is to keep the people earning less while he and his affiliates earn more.

Let us ignore the facts that he has boldly told us that we are so poor that in his own words during his last campaign he said; ” if we do not get you all tablets, who will provide” – Speaking of a $60 personal handheld devices for school children.  WOW. What we should have taken from that is the fact that he is acknowledging that we are so poor as a nation, that the average Dominican cannot afford a US$60 dollar tablet.  My God!

If you have not thought about it in this context, please re-evaluate for yourself – you will be able to identify methods used to subjugate the people islandwide. Dominicans, I urge you to examine what you tolerate before you too become powerless in their urge to maintain dominance.

Recently, we listened to this same man utter words which says that if his party puts you in a house, then you must keep them in the house. Ladies and gentlemen, your slave masters also put you into a house. Our colonizers, our abusers have put us in houses does that mean we should continue to be enslaved, beaten, victimized and imprisoned?

I call upon you to hold the government accountable for doing their job.  This is tantamount to a secretary seeking praise for answering the phone lines. Least we forget that a government in power, that has forced people to vacate their village, vacate their homes, abandon their livelihood is obligated to not only relocate but redevelop that community wherever they put them.  They have forced residents to be relocated and expects to be glorified? Dominicans, let us stop accepting mediocracy as achievements.

Indeed, the development of housing structures is a modest gesture for the less fortunate Dominicans, but if not managed and/or maintained effectively it can quickly become a recipe for perpetual government reliance where they give a man a fish, but never teach him how to catch.

This government does not want to see the population prosper, they want to see them dependent upon them. This is evident in their own words and by their actions;  they are not helping you because they care or have love for country, they are helping you to secure votes in order to stay in power and to continue reaping the tremendous benefits of being in power while giving the local people what amounts to crumbs.

We are accepting 25 cents bread from people who own the bakery while believing them that 25cents bread is all that they can afford to give. A secretary needs no praise from answering phone calls when that is what she was hired to do. A government needs no praise for doing the bare minimum. We as a people must know our worth, and expect more from who we hire. Time to Vote Them Out!

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