A supernatural goat, a young couple discovers the lair of a serpent god, a football game is interrupted by aliens. A jealous woman seeks revenge through obeah, and a vacation romance turns deadly and more.

These and other hair-raising tales are in the newly published anthology: The Flying Crapaud – From Folklore to the Future.

This second volume of science-fiction and fantasy stories, published by the Dominican author collective, Piton Noire, will be launched on December 14th 2022. The first volume of The Flying Crapaud anthology was published in 2020.

This second edition explores new themes and uses Caribbean folklore as a launch point for creativity; according to Piton Noire co-founder Nicole Bennett, “Our authors incorporate aspects of Dominican culture into our creative writing. We use our cultural foundation as a launching pad to build and evolve new concepts and characters.”

Editor, Kristopher Noseworthy, points out that the science fiction and fantasy genres provide natural platforms for exploring Dominican and, by extension Caribbean futurism. “The authors in this collection pulled on a common frame of reference, Dominican Folklore and oral traditions.

This volume’s contributors pushed past the boundaries of those well-known stories to re-imagine their shared understanding of the world.” Noseworthy adds that this collective evolution enriches a society’s view of itself. “This is the ultimate exercise in self-reflection that science fiction and fantasy are known for.”

Contributing author Sam George explains that the second volume’s subtitle, From Folklore to the Future, underpins this self-reflection. “The title is a marriage between our traditional Folklore and modern-day science-fiction storytelling. We are not leaving our culture, folklore and traditions behind but propelling them to the future.”

Dr. Simone Mathieu, PhD, wrote the Foreword for this volume.

The Flying Crapaud – From Folklore to the Future includes short stories from ten authors, who range in writing experience from first-time writers to award-winning published authors, including Kristine Simelda, Delia Cuffy-Weekes, Nicole Georges-Bennett; Sharon Dorival, Sam George, Kristopher Noseworthy, Erwin Mitchell, Dorothy Leevy, Maisha Euzebe and Simon Morris.

The Flying Crapaud is now available on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle Books. Also available at Barnes & Noble. Learn more about the anthology at www.theflyingcrapaud.com.

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