Dear supporters and opponents.

The rift in our politics and society has deepened to the point where a legal counsel is hired to defend a man who claims to be a leader of a people. Hiring an attorney is not a sign of strength but rather evidence of weakness. It is important to note that, it is taxpayer’s money which is being spent on the hiring of lawyers whose quest is to turn our country into a place of divisive identity politics as it keeps taxpayers money in their pockets. Money which should be spent on projects that benefit your community. Instead, this money is being spent on trying to prove who
is right or wrong on political issues. What does all this senseless arguing cost?

In a case in St.Lucia where Mr. Anthony W. Astaphan was hired to defend an issue for a top politician, the initial cost was US$ 40,000 just as a retainer, with an open-ended total amount. Mr. Astaphan may be a highly-qualified attorney but his fees for legal services are also equally high. What is his fee spent on? It is not on defending issues related and beneficial to our country, it is not on defending the people of Dominica, but rather on defending mistakes, misdeeds and miscalculations of the government and its’ “representatives” against the people of Dominica.

It is used for defending, just one person who is showing that he is obviously too weak to make a stand in a normal democratic process of dialogue, debate and free and fair elections. Consequently, we, the general public, are forced to deal with two persons, a weak politician and a legal counsel who is filling his pockets on the backs of hard working Dominicans. Do true patriots seek to make themselves rich off the taxpayer’s money? One must wonder! Think of what else forty thousand U.S. dollars could be spent on; How about on much-needed education and sports materials, better quality healthcare, support for the homeless or needy children, and so much more. Instead of using it for social purposes that can make a difference in the lives of many people and our children, it now goes in the pocket of one man who is neither poor nor needy, and on behalf of one person to make him feel more comfortable and less irritated. This irresponsible behaviour and reckless spending is totally unacceptable and is a gross misuse and mismanagement of taxpayers hard earned money.

Patriotically Yours,

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