Let’s face it- From the very beginning, the People’s Party of Dominica P-POD has been a different kind of Politics. One of balance, one of positive action, one of integrity – one committed to the inclusive and sustainable growth and development of our country and the advancement of its people.

From its inception, PPOD was not just making a reputation of good governance- PPOD made history. PPOD disrupted the status quo, earned an early reputation for thinking out the box and changing mindsets, upending the status quo.

One could confidently say- PPOD is at the forefront of political change with a new, inspiring message that captures the heart and spirit of the forward-thinking people of Dominica and the forward-looking attitudes of present times.

Not surprisingly, the PPOD Movement is building momentum with its revolutionary new concept: “Leading Through Means of Change “. This is a completely new experience for the People of #Dominica -Positively changing mindsets, changing behaviors, changing outcomes and changing lives.

This type of approach allows the people to really be in control of the advancement of their communities. It is an approach that echoed a clear, concise and consistent message that resonates with the good citizens of Dominica.

The reality is, the only way to stop this outrageous, divisive politics is by taking back control of OUR parliament and electing Progress Leaders at the next general election.

Believe me, the good citizens like you must do everything possible to gain back respect in Dominica’s highest house, trust in our institutions, and prosperity for ALL Dominicans. Our country has come to the fork in the road – it’s either you continue cutting each other’s throats with the saw, kicking each other down with the shoe or you take a good grip of that fork and travel up the road to sustainability and prosperity together with PPOD.

PPOD Progress Leaders are the only team operating for the greater good, redefining the political experience and sharing a vision of sustainability and inclusiveness.

The revolutionary spirit of the Maroons is a spirit that runs through the veins of PPODs progress Leaders; one that constantly challenges us to improve; A spirit that demands positive change and forces us all to always look forward. It is that revolutionary spirit that helps guide PPOD Progress Leaders now and in the future.
The Peoples Party, a brand like no other Now and Always will be Dominica’s Revolutionary Political party.

The People’s Party is carving its own history of unprecedented moments, innovating, and bringing harmony as we strategically construct the type of governance that will serve as an example to the world. In the words of a Dominican youth, “Finally, a party that gets the big picture”.

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