Probably, all Dominicans are happy to hear that the Government is setting money aside to build an international airport. To be honest, I would be happy as well. But I’m also a realist and therefore, with good reason, have my reservation. As it stands now, this announcement can only be considered an election campaign promise and it will remain as such until the Government can name the date when the contractors move in to start the work, name a projected date of completion and when the new airport will be operational. Until then. Well, shouldn’t we just call it a ‘pie in the sky’?

I believe that although a Government should keep its people motivated, it is an obligation to do so with realistic projections, or else it is an airy statement or, call it hot air if you want to.

I wonder if the Government ever considered realistic alternatives that bring faster solutions for the airport problem. If you ask Dominicans to raise their hands whether they want a better airport, all will raise their hand including myself. Ask them when they want it, and the response will be ‘now’.  What would be the conclusion? The way, I see it is that Dominicans want a quick solution and not something that may be realized two-four years from now if it will ever be realized under this government. Yes, the use of ‘if’ is appropriate, since we have heard these promises so many times before.

There are some realistic solutions that could be implemented fast and at lower and acceptable costs. Remember? We all want a solution NOW! Why? So, that we will have better opportunities for tourism and business development NOW. So, that we will have better opportunities for visiting relatives NOW.

My colleagues and I at P-POD do know the alternatives that will bring the solution needed. Our thinking goes beyond what is currently announced by the Government, with smarter ideas at much lower costs. “Bring it on”, you might say. We are not going to for the simple reason that we are not in a position to realize them. We are not the Government, not party to a coalition; we’re not even in Parliament yet. Therefore it is kind of useless to specify our plans at this time. It would only lead to a useless debate with those who made airy statements and announcements and will be defending themselves. At the end of the fire and fury debate, still, nothing be done. For one, simply because we don’t have the power to influence governmental decisions at the moment. Secondly, the opponents will just stick to what they announced before because they offer no alternatives. 

For now, let’s just stick to a clear message that we Dominicans can all agree on: “We want something better and we want it now!!!!” Oh, and in addition, name the dates when activity begins and the date when it will be completed. By the way, groundbreaking is not an activity; it is just a few dressed-up individuals with shovels and a photographer. We prefer to see construction workers with their yellow helmets on who are bringing in the heavy equipment to do the work and a fully completed operational airport.

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