Dear Dominican Sons and Daughters,

Given the series of events that have occurred over the last year concerning ambassadors, so-called trade representatives of Dominica, and Offshore Companies legally registered in Dominica, it is clear that this present administration is now morally bankrupt. Such action by the current regime is eroding our freedoms and it is not just up to the police initiate positive action, but all of us must share this responsibility. The police must realize that we are their brothers, sisters, and neighbours. We are all in this together.

We should be all obligated to speak out against the leadership in the strongest possible terms. As citizens of Dominica, we must all remain vigilant against both external aggression and internal threats. In Dominica, it is necessary for each one of us to guard against a weakening of the values that make us who we are. A nation is formed by the willingness of each one of us to share in the responsibility for upholding the common good. Collectively, we are a small population with the biggest hearts, who are very proud of our culture, our heritage, our values.

To keep Roosevelt Skerrit in office would be is a measure that represents a stark departure from our core values as a people here in Dominica. On behalf of the good people of Dominica, we are demanding the following from our police commissioner Daniel Carbon and our Head of State, Honorable Charles

1. An investigation of all 32 members of Parliament for the involvement and sale of diplomatic passports and passports;
2. A thorough investigation conducted on the entire CBI program and its employees;
3. An investigation to persons engaged in activities which are deemed as a conflict of interest by government officials and its employees;
4. A list of all registered offshore companies including the date registered and owners of such companies within 3 business days and to open an investigation on all registered offshore companies.
5. An immediate suspension of the CBI program in its current form pending completion of investigation;
6. A full investigation of all diplomats assigned to Dominica by an independent counsel.

We, the people of Dominica, are the best guardians and defenders of our own rights, our own liberties and of our country. From the appointment of Patricia Scotland, the appointment of Allison Madueke and all other “ambassadors” and “trade envoys” around the globe, be it in Greece, in Morrocco, Iran, Syria, even in the Caribbean, we, the good citizens of Dominica request that every diplomatic passport be revoked and the conduct of an immediate review of the laws that were augmented to suit personal agendas.

We also hereby unequivocally demand the immediate resignation of Roosevelt Skerrit as Prime Minister of Dominica. We are appealing to the President of Dominica to make his legacy as the first president to take a stance against corruption and abuse of power. We are asking for an immediate dismantling of parliament and are calling for an election. We cannot continue as a nation to allow, this type of leadership in our country.

We have glaring evidence, including the recent arrests of seven (7) persons that are closely affiliated to and appointed as ambassadors by Mr.  Skerrit. The Prime Minister is in clear violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations by allowing this frivolous abuse of the diplomatic institution.

This is a matter of National security because it provides the fuel for drug dealers, such as Mihael Karner a/k/a/ Jozef Topolovec, from Slovenia whose Offshore Company, registered in Dominica, Panacea International Ltd, a criminal who is currently on the run, after being arrested in connection with drugs and money laundering. He is currently wanted by the United States and Austria as of today. The choices and actions of our present government has helped facilitate the operation and expansion of such businesses and individuals, possibly terrorists, illegal arms dealers, corrupt public officials and other criminals.

This matter undermines our national economy and places every Dominican across the globe at risk. Additionally, it is a massive assault on the public revenue to say the least, as this is a concerted and sustained attack on not only our financial system but more so globally, involving fraud on a massive scale. It places the residents of Dominica in a vulnerable position, and that is one we cannot stand by and watch nor turn a blind eye. Money laundering threatens the safety and security of our people, our country and our democracy. This is not only a law enforcement problem but I must reiterate, a serious national and international security threat as well.

We cannot become a society governed by greed or fear of speaking up. We will not go radio-silent on this matter. In fact, we will be twice as loud. We have observed for some years that this administration has abused the public trusts and has continuously relied on alternative facts — or falsehoods, as I like to call it.

The reality is we need good governance; citizens with integrity in leadership positions; and we need to consistently be accountable to those we serve. We will not be a country controlled by criminals. We will not be a country led by criminals and by those who created this embarrassment. This type of negative and irresponsible actions and behaviors does not reflect our values as Dominicans. It is Time to Unite!

Patriotically Yours,

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