On a beautiful Caribbean Island, bizarre events and characters intersect under the ominous presence of a mysterious science facility, in Nicole Georges-Bennett’s “Tales of St.Marts”; a collection of fantasy genre short stories.

“Tales of St.Marts” is Georges-Bennett’s first book, and explores themes of small island society, culture, and politics against the backdrop of an island that is anything but typical “sand, sea and surf.” Fantasy, folklore, and fear permeate the lives of the people of St.Marts: a retired policeman who struggles to solve a strange death he’s witnessed; a fisherman’s wife who is forbidden to go into the ocean; a madman who has lived too long; a delivery driver whose neighbours want to consume him body and soul; a mother who fears the beast within; all are shadowed by the menacing presence of “the Lab”.
“Tales of St.Marts” includes the Nature Isle Literary Festival Award-winning “Water Woman” which captured first place in 2014 for the best short story.

Fellow Dominican writer, Roy Sanford, say “Tales of St.Marts” will delight fans of the fantasy genre, “It’s a tasty collection of short fantasy stories which quickly grabs the attention of the reader. The stories mix a combination of mystery, awe, and surprise with a generous mix of Caribbean flavour.” Professor Dr.Bernard Frampton describes the debut collection as a compelling first effort, “Nicole Georges’ voice is engaging and refreshing. Throughout this collection, her range is bold and unapologetic. From her re-imagination of lived experiences, and her creation of a dark volcanic island to her macramé reconfiguration of contemporary sci-fi tropes…”
Nicole Georges-Bennett was born in the Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies. She currently resides in Toronto, Canada with her husband Dalton and two children. She is a free-lance journalist and Gospel radio show host.


Nicole Georges-Bennett was born and raised in the Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies. She has worked as a journalist (radio/television/print) for the over 20 years. Her career includes stints as a radio announcer/reporter, and television anchor at several Dominican media houses (D.B.S Radio, Kairi F.M Radio, and G.I.S).

Nicole immigrated to Canada in 1996 to pursue studies and earned a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Broadcast Journalism, from Ryerson University (Canada). Her work in Canadian media includes news articles published in The Jamaica Gleaner Newspaper (Toronto), Share Newspaper, Pride Newspaper, and over 10 magazines amongst other media. Nicole is a committed Christian and so founded Angel Hair Magazine in 2010; a natural hair Christian based magazine for kids, (http://angelhairmag.com). She is the host for the online radio Gospel show “Inspiration for your Day” on http://life101radio.net.

She is also an event planner and media relations consultant.
Her love for Science-fiction & Fantasy literature prompted her to begin writing original works in these genres. Her short story “Water Woman” was awarded first place by the 2015 Nature Isle Literary Festival in the short story category. “Tales of St.Marts” is her first book in Fantasy fiction.
Nicole currently resides in Toronto, Canada with her husband Dalton and their two children.
(Photo: Jason Martin Carrington-Orange Photography).

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