The Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition in the Commonwealth of Dominica, Hon. Lennox Linton is visiting disaster relief contributors here to thank them for assisting the 750 sq. km Caribbean nation following the devastating passage of Hurricane Maria last September.

The category five storm, the worst in Caribbean history, left over 50 people dead, more than 20 thousand homes damaged and triggered a sharp rise in the national poverty level from 25,7% to 36.2%, according to the Dominica Government’s Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA).

The list of post Maria donors from the Mile High City include Project Cure, Mr. Mel Tewahade CEO of Infinity Wealth Management Inc., Dr. Roy Mondesire owner of Romonics (a Boulder company), Toys for God’s Kids and members of the Denver Lions Club who teamed up in collaboration with the Washington DC-based Rebuild Dominica to get a variety of relief items, medical supplies and toys into Dominica.

Linton says on behalf of the people of Dominica “it is a great honour to thank the Denver donors for their generosity and exemplary humanitarian spirit”. He believes his meetings this week with the new friends of Dominica have created an excellent platform for development cooperation in agriculture, tourism, world-class medical care and disaster preparedness planning.

In a luncheon engagement with the Denver Lion’s Club on Tuesday, the Dominica parliamentarian invited community leaders to “vacation on the nature island and to take advantage of the numerous investment opportunities available” in the areas of climate resilient construction, communication technology, healthcare and financial services.

Linton will meet with 6th District Congressman Mike Coffman over the Memorial Day weekend.

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