Policies in abstinence and fidelity defense have been proposed by those present at the “International AIDS Conference” which closed in the City of Mexico with more than 20,000 doctors, scholars, leaders, journalists and AIDS patients. It has been examined the current state of this deadly disease and have been exhibited new investigations and treatments that challenge the death virus.

The pandemic causes more than 7,500 new transmissions per day. This is evidenced by the data that 147 States of the United Nations sent to the United Nation plan each year. According to estimates, the infected by this social scourge will increase to approximately 3.5 million in 2015. Last year there were approximately 33 million people with aids, of which 15.5 million were women. Infections continue to rise in other places, such as Eastern Europe where there were 1.5 million new HIV infections.

Among the countries with the highest rate of infections are Indonesia, Kenya, Mozambique, Vietnam, Australia, Papua Guinea, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Guatemala. The principal mode of transmission is homosexuality, says the study. According to the World Summit of Ministers of Health, the processes for the prevention of AIDS must respect “human and spiritual values” and protect “human rights and dignity.”

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