Sexual harassment is a cancer that destroys relationship and workplaces … so says Dr. Paul Quantock Chairman of the Caribbean Training and Research Group (CARI-TaRG) – an international UK based Research Group.

 Following the passing into law of The Employment Sexual Harassment (Prevention) Act 2017 last December Barbadian employers must ensure that they have a clear written policy statement against sexual harassment within the workplace that can be presented to each employee.

 This one-day Certificated Workshop, to be held on FRIDAY 21st SEPTEMBER on Barbados, will help managers and employees to understand existing and proposed laws and statutes. They will learn how to create compliant policies, procedures, and training to ensure affirmative action to prevent and correct sexual harassment in the workplace. Participants will develop an understanding of, not only the letter, but the spirit of the law and how they can craft their workplace training to create an environment that is protective, honest, welcoming, caring, and engaging.

 In addition to developing policies, procedures, delegates will learn constructive intervention techniques for dealing with incidents as well as innovative remedies to restore the workplace environment and rebalance power inequities thereby producing a more harmonious, encouraging, and engaged workforce.

 Together with a Keynote Speaker from Barbados, Mr. P K H Cheltenham, G.C.M., Q.C., Attorney-at-Law, Charlton Chambers, Barbados, there will be CARI-TaRG members from the USA and the UK to offer support and best practice.


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Joint Certification: Provided by The 4Civility Institute (USA), Caribbean Training and Research Group (UK) and The Urban and Public Affairs Department, University of Louisville (USA)

Contact:  Hadford Howell Tel: 1 246 230 7623 OR Wayne Lynch Tel: 1 246 845 6349  Email: [email protected]

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