A selection of professionals in the Fashion and cosmetic  industry were honoured at the 2019 African Fashion Industry Awards, which culminated African Fashion Week Toronto (7th edition).  The well-heeled and fashion forward audience were enthusiastic in their appreciation for the designers, cosmeticians, stylists, models and role models who were honoured for excellence.

The winners for 2019 included Osato Erebor (Photographer of the year), Damilola Omotayo (Male Model of the year),JV Accessories (Accessories Designer), Staymagnifique (Fashion blogger of the year), Fatumahsha (International Designer of the year), Neveen Dominic (Make Up Artist of the year),Nykwale (Emerging Designer of the year),and Kaella Kay(Womens wear Designer of the year).

Winner of Female Model of the year, Roxanne La Kinoise proved to  be one of the more memorable recipients as she gave an emotional acceptance speech for her award. La Kinoise related the challenges of her journey to achieve her goal to be a model, “My mother spent thousands of dollars to help me with photo shoots, training, and for years nothing happened.

I decided that if I didn’t make it by the time I was 30,I would accept that it wasn’t going to happen, and that age came in a blink. I was ok with that. I came to African Fashion week in past years and I thought, wow I could have been one of those girls. Then in 2017 someone asked me to do a photo shoot and I thought why not, so I did.

In February 2018, I connected with African Fashion Week, and now here I am, 32, and my dreams are coming true!”

Other notables awarded included Ruth E. Carter, award winning Costume Director for the Black Panther movie, who received the 2019 Black Excellence Award, and Princess Modupe Ozolua of Nigerian royalty, who received the 2019 Global Humanitarian Award. The ceremony was hosted by the “King of Couture” fashion designer, Adebayo Jones. (photo: AFIA 2019 Female Model winner Roxanne La Kinoise)

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