What we do

TDN Radio is about our culture, people and music. We look forward to every day working hard to keep our listeners informed and entertained while promoting our Caribbean artists.

Our Mission

Our mission is more than just playing great Caribbean music for you. It’s about promoting our culture, people, music, and our Caribbean community as one people. Spreading our culture, keeping it alive in the hearts of those of us who reside outside the islands is important lest we forget where we came from.

We want the world to know who we’re as a people, we want them to know of the great things our people and artists have accomplished in music, the arts and culture.

Of course, while we enjoy entertaining you we hope to also keep you informed about the things we’ve and hope to archive as we strive for economic, educational and social independence. With programs like “This Week in Interview,” we discuss the accomplishments, goals, contributions and the needs of our Caribbean brothers, sisters and children.

This is a non-profit project with some great patriotic volunteers dedicated to this mission, we appreciate you so much for staying tuned every week, we hope we’re part of what makes your day wonderful.