Téyat Pawòl takes a dramatic look at the Carnival Monday ‘Fire of 1963’ through a play Crystal Waters Blue Skies – ‘The Case of the Fire of 1963’  at the Arawak House of Culture on Sunday, May 28, 2017, for one day only at 3 & 7 pm.

The 16-year-old Dominican Theatrical-Drama Company which has produced 18 previous plays, all with relevance to the Island’s socio-cultural reality, takes a look at yet another issue – the tragic fire which claimed the lives of three Dominican masqueraders (Eddie Martin, Eric Shillingford, and George James).

Though the play does not relate, in any sort of details, the actual events surrounding the fire, it calls the audience attention to the act which – like many others – has seemingly faded away in the distant memory of time. This play expects to memorialize the suffering and pain of those who were affected as it also hopes to give the general public a cause to pause and reflect on Dominica’s cultural journey.

This play is a satirical piece on the covering up of certain mess in a glittering paradise isle. Though generally fictitious, the story somewhat mirrors activities of a typical society. The moral of the story is that appearances of order are sometimes built on disorder and for truth to be realized it is at times necessary to dig beyond the surface of purported realities.


Alex Bruno, the company’s Co-founder, Writer, and Artistic Director, takes up a lead role in this play as IRIE along with Co-founder, Emile “Pa Ben” Serrant who plays MONTAGNE, IRIE’s nemesis.  Immanuel Andrew as GEORGE, Rashida Gachette as MA SIDON, Liana Prince as BEFFIE, Marlon Degalerie as JOE BOB, Nareen Lewis as RUDOLPH and Lovaly Williams as VERON complete the Cast of this intriguing production.


Tickets go on sale this Thursday at Bull’s Eye Pharmacy on Goodwill road for the one-off, ‘one night only’ play at $25.00 in advance.  Patrons pay $30.00 at the door.  The play runs for 90 minutes from 3:00 pm with a repeat at 7:00 pm this Sunday, May 28 at the Arawak House of Culture in Roseau.

Call: (767) 245 – 2539 for additional information.