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Redemption Road Episode Guide- Season One.

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The drama so far in Redemption Road!  Episodes 1-2.

Pastor Felix gets some life-changing news from his secretary Donna. His wife leaves him and there is an investigation pending over missing church funds. Felix’s ill mother gives him some advice but he is a man in conflict over his beliefs. At the end of episode 2, Felix is confronted by the Prophetess Jael and a physical tussle topples him into a river.

Episode 3 & 4: Eviction!

Felix wakes up in hospital only to be told by Deacon White that he is suspended from pastoral duty, while an investigation into his suspicious finances is conducted. Donna invites Charity to church but Ma Rogers also turns up and causes a scene during the service. Ma Rogers orders Donna to leave home, and heartbroken, Donna turns to Felix for shelter. This turns out to be a case of bad timing as Miriam also shows up.

Donna and Felix discuss the future but Donna receives an unexpected call that shocks her. Felix seeks advice from a surprising source. Meanwhile Donna’s sister Charity overhears a very disturbing conversation between Minister Black and his hired men.

Episode 5 & 6:

Felix tries to get protection from the police but learns that Black’s influence is far reaching. Donna has a surprise guest who is furious over her relationship with Felix.  Charity races against time to rescue her sister.

Episode 7 & 8:  Redemption is in mourning, but out of the ashes comes new life, and a sense of purpose. Felix finally is ready to let go of the past and begin his road to redemption. Donna and Robbie get a new start and it’s obvious that change is coming to Redemption.

But is that change good …or bad?

Tune in to Season Two of Redemption Road coming Fall 2019!

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