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Citizens and Friends of Dominica The Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) needs your help once again.

We thank you for your support so far which has enabled us to keep up the demand, on behalf of all Dominicans, for more free and fair elections, and for transparency, responsibility, and accountability of the government and the Electoral Commission.

Free and fair elections are one of the key tenets of any democracy. Over the last 19 years, the citizens of Dominica have witnessed a sharp decay of Dominica’s democracy.

Presently, the CCM is actively engaged in ensuring that the upcoming, and all subsequent elections, in Dominica are free and fair. Your continued contribution to the cause is critical to sustaining our success so far.

Please make a contribution, which we use to provide transportation, water and to inform citizens of ongoing activities. Dominica thanks you for your help.

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The Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) is a non-political civil society organization in Dominica that was founded in 2014. Its main purpose is to help maintain democracy on the island. 

We call on you, if you desire significant changes in the way things are done in Dominica, please help us. We are honoured to represent you.

Thank you for your contribution and support.