Submit Your Music

TDN Radio is accepting music for airplay consideration. Please see below for the requirements for submitting your music.

 Submission Requirements:

1. Music Must have correct Meta Tags (song title(s), artist name etc).
2. Make sure you are authorized to distribute the music you submit.
3. Music must be of Caribbean/African genres i.e. soca, reggae, dancehall, zouk, kompa, calypso, cadence,
4. Music may be of traditional or contemporary styles.
Music submissions not meeting these requirements will not be placed on rotation, sorry no exceptions.
Please feel free to include media kits.
Links to download from other websites will not be accepted, we will NOT download music from any links provided. Submit your actually MP3 files.

Music air play consideration submission.

See submission requirements noted above.

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Don't worry joining MP3 Music Factory is NOT required for us to play your music, we will still give your music air play as long as it meets our other requirements. (See above)
In order for us to sell your music on MP3 Music Factory, you must first be registered with us. If you're interested read the agreement and signup. To begin visit

Under the Register section click the check box next to "Apply for an artist vendor account." Once your account has been activated we'll add your music to the store and you can do so as well, you will use your MP3 Music Factory username and password to keep track of your sales etc.

Note: You can also submit songs for sale or give away your self just log into your MP3 Music Factory Account.
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Add Music, Artwork & Media Kit (hold down the CTRL or Command key to select multiple files):
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Please DO NOT submit the songs files more than once, we receive hundreds of submissions daily and do our best to review them and respond as quickly as possible, if you haven’t heard from us after 90 days you may email or call us and inquire whether we received your original submission.