Sagicor donates mobile medical clinic to Government of Dominica

On Friday 16th February, Sagicor Life, the leading insurance company in the Caribbean donated a fully customized, mobile medical unit to the Government of Dominica. The Unit purchased by Sagicor, in collaboration with Doctors In Our Circle, Ray Asta, Ministry of Health and Friends of Sagicor, will support and respond to the immediate needs of the people of Dominica post Hurricane Maria. Dr. Laura Espirit, Director of Medical Services at the Ministry of Health spoke at the small handover ceremony. She said, “Services that will be provided at the mobile…

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TDN Radio and Hurricane Maria coverage: The Voice in the Dark

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Sunday, 17th September, 10:00am: Dr. Thomson Fontaine is on his “Lifeline” Program on Q95 FM discussing the imminent passage of Hurricane Maria through the Windward Islands. He cautions that due to the low wind shear, extremely warm ocean, and excessive moisture, Hurricane Maria will drastically increase in strength. He predicts that the eye will pass directly over Dominica sometime during Monday night. Monday, September 18th, 3:00 p.m: Q95FM radio shuts down its physical headquarters in Dominica as staff head for home to take cover. At that time, TDN Radio remotely…

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BRAVO Dominica Freedom Party (DFP)

Alex Bruno

Freedom Party is back!  This recent media headline caught my attention and I am forced to react. I begin by asking the question: Freedom is back from where?  Allow me to answer that; Freedom party never left.  In fact, the party is still solidly in existence and is kept alive through the vision of its founders, the philosophical spirits of its pillars and its well-intentioned members, friends, supporters and affiliates. The DFP was the single most powerful political unit in Dominica and the Caribbean region, to the best of my…

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Time for Positive and Responsible Leadership

“No One can fix a flat tire while sitting in the Vehicle” When the individuals which form a government accepts the responsibility to manage a country, the expectation of the citizens is that the policies implemented by this group of people will improve the well-being of the country’s population. In the event that this government fails to meet this basic expectation as promised, the failure is noticed. Every five years or thereabout, the People of Dominica put their trust, confidence, hope, and expectations in the group of people who were…

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The People’s Party Delivers A Strong Economic Message

By: The People’s Party of Dominica The People’s Party of Dominica (PPOD) presents an economic message which will no doubt, pave Dominica’s future in terms of economic prosperity, social progress, and the enhancement of accountability, transparency and credibility. The essence of an economic message is not just to instill hope in the people, but also to serve as a summary of how we intend to build and maintain a vibrant economy. Our plans for economic growth encompass all social strata of Dominicans, local and in the Diaspora. The implementation of…

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