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Giving Every Dominican the Privilege to Contribute to the Creation of the Best Dominica and  Giving Every Dominican the Opportunity to Enjoy the Best Life in Dominica.

the shack a family in Dominica is forced to live in after hurricane Maria destroyed their home.
Current living space of Sherlina and Clinton and their 3 young children.

Our objective is to design our country that seeks to minimize the suffering of our people from both natural and man-made hardships. Help us to take care of the most vulnerable of our people. Currently, we are asking for your contribution to a project to provide shelter for  Sherlina and Clinton and their 3 young children.

They currently live in a 15 x 15 one-room plywood structure after their home was destroyed by hurricane Maria.
We are seeking your assistance to build them a 2-bedroom house that will make a huge difference in lives of these young children. Give generously.
Begin by clicking the PayPal buttoning below. You DO NOT need a PayPal account to donate.