Dominica celebrated at Faith Event- Toronto

A group of Dominican-Canadians participated recently in the United Nations  celebration of the Prayer Palace Church in Toronto (1111

Emily Ramkissoon is lovely as a Ti Madame!

Arrow Road).  The Nature Isle was one of  29 nations recognized and celebrated by the congregants.  The Dominica delegation was led by Janet Prosper and Sarah Ramkissoon who are of Dominican origin, while the rest of the group consisted of children and friends of Dominicans.

Sarah Denny, Sadie and Sarah Ramkissoon display Dominican pride!

The Dominica segment of the United Nations celebration featured a promotional video showcasing the beauty of the Nature Isle,  a parade in wob dwiyet and creole wear by the group, and a stage presentation.  Members of the group shared interesting facts about Dominica with the congregation, and read Bible verses relevant to the islands as God’s creation.  The United Nations celebration is an annual event.








Featured photo: Briana Melnichuck, Kali Fernandes, Alessa, Anaiya, Eliseo Flores, Sarah Denny, Emily, Sadie and Sarah Ramkissoon and Janet Prosper.