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Dominica Opposition Leader Denver Donors

Denver, Colorado, May 24th, 2018 – The Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition in the Commonwealth of Dominica, Hon. Lennox Linton is visiting disaster relief contributors here to thank them for assisting the 750 sq. km Caribbean nation following the devastating passage of Hurricane Maria last September. The category five storm, the worst in Caribbean history, […]

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CCJ restores jury verdict Lusignan Massacre trial

Caribbean Court of Justice

Port of Spain, Trinidad: The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) today restored the 2013 acquittals of Mr. James Hyles and Mr. Mark Williams for their alleged involvement in what has been dubbed the ‘Lusignan Massacre’, despite substantial procedural errors at trial. On 6 January 2008, gunmen went from house to house in the peaceful village of […]

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The Dire National Security State

We, the People’s Party of Dominica are of the view that the national security apparatus in the Commonwealth of Dominica is approaching a no-return state of decay. The recent article in Dominica News Online about the appointment of an assistant commissioner of police is a smoke screen, a cover-up if you will, of the underlying […]

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Dominicans want their airport solution now

TDN Contributor

Probably, all Dominicans are happy to hear that the Government is setting money aside to build an international airport. To be honest, I would be happy as well. But I’m also a realist and therefore, with good reason, have my reservation. As it stands now, this announcement can only be considered an election campaign promise […]

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