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Does Dominica lack common sense?

TDN Contributor

No matter what current headlines are used to the catch attention of audiences, usually in essence the following text in the article or comments depict several things that indicate that there is an unhealthy atmosphere in Dominica. Unhealthy for our country and just as unhealthy for our people. I don’t want to use big words […]

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Time for Positive and Responsible Leadership

Time for Positive and Responsible Leadership “No One can fix a flat tire while sitting in the Vehicle” When the individuals which form a government accepts the responsibility to manage a country, the expectation of the citizens is that the policies implemented by this group of people will improve the well-being of the country’s population. […]

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Dominican Sons and Daughters

Dear Dominican Sons and Daughters, Given the series of events that have occurred over the last year concerning ambassadors, so-called trade representatives of Dominica, and Offshore Companies legally registered in Dominica, it is clear that this present administration is now morally bankrupt. Such action by the current regime is eroding our freedoms and it is […]

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The CBI Programe – A Cessation Demand

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Dear Mr. President, Now more than ever since 1979, the potential for far-reaching social and political upheaval has never been greater. The ruling political establishment of Dominica has become so entangled in the international web of intrigue and obscure dealing, that it is even hard for them to deny any links now. The People’s Party […]

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