Alex Bruno

The post-hurricane Maria Political Opposition Blue-print: How to combat the politics of mendicancy in a system headed by a regime which is poised to further leverage its entrenched advantage.

About the author Alex Bruno earned a bachelor degree (BA) in Philosophy with a minor in theatre and a master degree (MA) in Political Science from Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Mr. Bruno graduated with an initiation into the Eta Delta Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honorary Society (FAU CHAPTER) on December […]

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PPOD writes an open letter to UWP.

Is there really a viable alternative for the leadership of the country? There seems to be a growing question asked by many Dominicans, “If not Skerrit, then who?”. This question has become even more of a concern since the last parliamentary sitting and recent interview conducted with the Leader of the Opposition. Never before has […]

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Does Dominica lack common sense?

No matter what current headlines are used to the catch attention of audiences, usually in essence the following text in the article or comments depict several things that indicate that there is an unhealthy atmosphere in Dominica. Unhealthy for our country and just as unhealthy for our people. I don’t want to use big words […]

Time for Positive and Responsible Leadership

Time for Positive and Responsible Leadership “No One can fix a flat tire while sitting in the Vehicle” When the individuals which form a government accepts the responsibility to manage a country, the expectation of the citizens is that the policies implemented by this group of people will improve the well-being of the country’s population. […]

Let Your Voices Be Heard At The Ballots

At PPOD, we deeply regret the violence that was unleashed by individuals who undermined the constitutional rights of the leaders and organizers as well as those who came to lawfully assemble and protest in the defense of democracy. We feel it is important to note that we are a nation built on values, on principles, […]

Dominican Sons and Daughters

Dear Dominican Sons and Daughters, Given the series of events that have occurred over the last year concerning ambassadors, so-called trade representatives of Dominica, and Offshore Companies legally registered in Dominica, it is clear that this present administration is now morally bankrupt. Such action by the current regime is eroding our freedoms and it is […]