Caribbean Court of Justice

CCJ affirms professor Ventoses Right to vote in Barbados

Port of Spain, Trinidad: The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) today ordered that St. Lucian, Professor Eddy Ventose, is to be added to the register of voters in Barbados. The Court declared that it was satisfied that the legal and regulatory conditions for his registration have been met. The Court then ordered the Chief Electoral Officer, […]

Caribbean Court of Justice

CCJ restores jury verdict Lusignan Massacre trial

Port of Spain, Trinidad: The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) today restored the 2013 acquittals of Mr. James Hyles and Mr. Mark Williams for their alleged involvement in what has been dubbed the ‘Lusignan Massacre’, despite substantial procedural errors at trial. On 6 January 2008, gunmen went from house to house in the peaceful village of […]

Caribbean Court of Justice

CCJ reduces manslaughter sentence for Persaud

Port of Spain, Trinidad: The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in the case of Teerath Persaud v The Queen, today ordered that Mr. Teerath Persaud’s manslaughter sentence be reduced from 25 years to 18 years. With a discount for time already spent in custody, Mr. Persaud would serve a remaining 13 years and 339 days starting […]

The Dire National Security State

We, the People’s Party of Dominica are of the view that the national security apparatus in the Commonwealth of Dominica is approaching a no-return state of decay. The recent article in Dominica News Online about the appointment of an assistant commissioner of police is a smoke screen, a cover-up if you will, of the underlying […]

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Dominicans want their airport solution now

Probably, all Dominicans are happy to hear that the Government is setting money aside to build an international airport. To be honest, I would be happy as well. But I’m also a realist and therefore, with good reason, have my reservation. As it stands now, this announcement can only be considered an election campaign promise […]

Natioanal bird of Dominica

11 Organizations Co-sign Letter To UNEP Regarding The Recent Transfer Of Extremely Rare Birds From Dominica To Germany

Mr. Erik Sohleim Excutive Director United Nations Environment Programme United Nations Avenue, Gigirl PO Box 30552, 00100 Nairobi, Kenya +254 (0)20 762 1234 Dear Mr. Solheim, We the undersigned write today to address grave concerns regarding a recent transfer of extremely rare birds from the Commonwealth of Dominica to the Federal Republic of Germany […]

Caribbean Court of Justice

Sandy Lane Hotel Case Sent Back To Court Of Appeal

Port of Spain, Trinidad: The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) today ordered that a case concerning the firing of three employees of Sandy Lane Co. Ltd be returned to the Barbados Court of Appeal for an expedited hearing. The CCJ noted that it had no jurisdiction to hear the case. The fired employees had first […]

Caribbean Court of Justice

Belize Govt Succeeds Securing Interest Rate Bz36m Award

Port of Spain, Trinidad: The Attorney General of Belize has succeeded before the CCJ in his application to reduce the interest rate contained in a certificate issued by the Court. The certificate was made following an arbitral award made against the Government. A rate of interest of 17% compounded monthly was initially awarded in the […]


A strike is an expression of dissatisfaction

A strike is an expression of dissatisfaction. There is such a thing as freedom of expression. Calling a strike selfish would mean that the government takes the liberty to limit the freedom of expression. Which is something that should worry the community in general.  Is it allowed for a government to do such? One would […]

Caribbean Court of Justice

CCJ dismisses land acquisition appeal upholds GY30M Award

Port of Spain, Trinidad: The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) today dismissed an appeal in a matter brought by Mrs. Deorani Singh, who claimed that the Attorney General of Guyana and the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited owed her compensation for a commercial property that had been owned by her husband, Mr. Mohan Singh. The […]

Caribbean Court of Justice

Mr Justice Adrian Saunders chosen CCJ President

Port of Spain, Trinidad: The Honourable Mr. Justice Adrian Dudley Saunders, a citizen of St. Vincent and the Grenadines has been appointed as the incoming President of the Caribbean Court of Justice with effect from July 4, 2018. The Heads of Government of CARICOM made the appointment at its last meeting, held in Haiti from […]

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The Time is Now

We’ve had a year of unprecedented massive action globally, as women press on for progress, for women’s rights, equality, and justice. On this March 8th, 2018, International Women’s Day, this year’s theme, “Time is Now: Rural and Urban Activists Transforming Women’s Lives”, is the perfect opportunity to highlight the work of so many Dominicans and […]


Dominica Houston Association Sends Medical Supplies, Tarps to Dominica Valued at 100k


8 time Dominica calypso monarch

Dice told his services “are no longer required” for 2018 Carnival Street Festival by Dominica Festivals Commission (DFC).

Eight-time Calypso Monarch Dennison “Dice” Joseph did not perform at The Carnival Street Festival Friday due to a last minute decision by the Dominica Festivals Committee (DFC). Dice shared a copy of a letter he received from the DFC, on social media, just hours before the event was scheduled, which stated he was no longer […]

Dominica Carnival

Carnival – What concerns me

Dear Editor, Carnival is an important part of our society and I for one LOVE the Celebration- I find it quite liberating – what concerns me is when organizers of carnival attempts to transform the celebration and carnival become corrupt in its meaning. We Dominicans need to think long and hard as to what we […]

Alex Bruno

The post-hurricane Maria Political Opposition Blue-print: How to combat the politics of mendicancy in a system headed by a regime which is poised to further leverage its entrenched advantage.

About the author Alex Bruno earned a bachelor degree (BA) in Philosophy with a minor in theatre and a master degree (MA) in Political Science from Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Mr. Bruno graduated with an initiation into the Eta Delta Chapter of Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honorary Society (FAU CHAPTER) on December […]

Sailing into 2018:P-POD’s New Year Message

This island, this blessed land that boasts of our ancestral heroes like Jacko and of the lavish flora and fauna which is home to the Sisserou parrot, stands resilient against all threats and ill will, as we glide our way into the New Year. Fellow Dominicans, blow as hard as they could, but not even […]

Caribbean Court of Justice

CCJ Judgement: Blairmont Rice Investments Inc v Kayman Sankar

The Caribbean Court of Justice on December 7th, 2017 delivered judgments in GYCV2017/007, Blairmont Rice Investments Inc v Kayman Sankar, Kayman Sankar Investments Limited and Beni Sankar and GYCV2017/009, Wayne Vieira v Guyana Geology and Mines Commission cases. The Trinidad & Tobago based court ordered an urgent hearing in Guyana’s court of appeal in the […]

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It’s On Us Dominica

Dominica is at a very vulnerable state as she’s been ravaged by what may very well be classified as a Category “6” Hurricane. Sexual violence/Assault during such times is a gross human rights violation and a serious security issue that must be addressed. Sexual Violence/Assault by military officers is an issue that urgently requires the […]

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DHA: 2017 / 2018 Scholarship Recipients

On May 28, 2017, the Dominica Houston Association (DHA) launched its 2017 / 2018 competitive 21st Annual Independence Scholarship Program geared towards students enrolled in an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree program. Four, $US500 competitive Scholarships would be awarded to successful candidates, and be applied directly towards their tuition. Students were required to complete and submit […]

Civilians on board trucks

Nearly 700 people seeking refuge near UN base relocated

This week the United Nations migration agency completed the relocation of 698 internally displaced households from an impromptu camp that formed around the UN peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic (CAR) following attacks in Kaga Bandoro on 12 October 2016. Over 20,000 people settled around the Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African […]